Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad's 54th birthday, so I thought I would do a little post in his honor. I am without a doubt a daddy's girl through and through.

Me and Dad
the day I was born.

 Daddy's Girl!

For some of you who are new to my blog, check out this post that I wrote about my Dad when I was 15.

Me and Dad
on my wedding

Me blubbering after
Dad made a toast
at our reception.
Dad with Alexis and Isabel.

Dad with Alexis this past summer.

 He loves all 7 of his grandkids so very much! He is a great Papa! They all love and adore him! He loves to take the babies for walks and I get in serious trouble if I make a trip to their house and don't have the stroller. (We keep trying to convince him to get a double stroller of his own...maybe someday before we're done having kids!)

My Dad is the best ever and I love him very much and I hope he is having a great birthday in Honduras. I'm making his favorite, German Chocolate Cake, and us kids are going to Mom and Dad's on Sunday to celebrate with him. 

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