Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Night

Here's the latest since you've heard from me.

Tuesday, Alexis and I went over to Desloge and got our hair cuts. She was in desperate need of a trim and my hair was kind of funky. Hers is as cute as ever, mine not so much. I don't know if I just haven't mastered the right styling technique the last few days or what, but something is off. I fixed it this morning and Ross told me it looked weird. At least my hair grows fast. When I got back to the house, Ross told me that he either slept funny or sat on the couch wrong because his back was hurting. I didn't think much of it and he went off to work.

Wednesday, Ross woke up and his back was hurting him bad. He couldn't hardly walk and he was in a lot of pain. It was all in his lower back. He ended up not being able to go to work because he could hardly get around. I was going to attempt to clean, but I didn't get a lot accomplished.

Thursday, Ross was still in pain and couldn't get around well, but was going to force himself to go to work. I focused on laundry and made a huge dent in the mountain. I should be able to get it all finished up tomorrow. Alexis has been in rare form the past few days and has tried my patience to the breaking point.

She isn't being outright disobedient, but she is just full of mischief and very rambunctious. I wish I could send her outside to play, but it's way too cold. She is doing all sorts of things and I can tell by the way she does them she is just trying to annoy me. And the whining, oh my gosh, I've never heard a child whine like she does, it makes me crazy. She knows exactly what whining is too. She used her little whiny voice this morning to ask for some fruit snacks. I told her when she stopped whining and asked for them in a normal voice, she could have some. So, she used a perfectly normal voice and asked me for them.

Isabel is doing well, she is still unpredictable with her eating patterns. Some days she eats really well and other days I can't hardly get her to nurse for more than a few minutes each time. Most nights, she sleeps all night. Occasionally she gets up to nurse.

So now it's Friday and Ross is still hurting, but he's pushing through the pain. Alexis went with Papa Bill and Grandma Carol for awhile tonight and I got quite a bit accomplished while she was gone. We're going to hope that Ross' back gets better fast so we can get the upstairs finished. We got the furnace turned on up there today and we need to get the trim painted and laid this weekend too.

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Ashley said...

Oh, I hope his back gets better soon...Lincoln struggles with back pain off and on as well, it's miserable!!!