Friday, January 29, 2010

How Does It Look?

How does my blog look to all of you? 

I was told that it was hard to read because of the background. 

On my screen it looks all pretty and the perfect size and you can't even see the borders of my background, just the color on the middle part.

Did you know that on some things you can hold down the control key and use your little rolly thing on the mouse and change the size of your font and background?? 

If my blog seems out of whack to you, try that and see if you can't get it to look a little better. Because I think it sure looks good sometimes! Not a super cute one like Chrissy's, but not bad for using freebies! =) (I'm totally jealous of Chrissy's fab blog makeover!!!)


Tina said...

Mine looks just like you described it -
I think it has alot to do with what you use to surf too -
I use Firefox - but explorer sometimes does crazy things with blgos I read.....
and also how you have your font size and zoom set on your web browser - so who knows?!

Mrs. Haid said...

This one looks correct for me, but the other one, the text was outside of the center white part.

Chrissy said...

This background is easier to read, but like Mrs. Haid said, the other one had your words outside the margins of the background. It might have to do with what template you've selected. Right now it looks like your blog is spread out...the first template on the first row (on the left...minima) makes the blog have bigger margins and fits those kinds of backgrounds like you had before.

Nel said...

I agree with Mrs Haid - this one I can read better!

Jessica said...

Thanks girls! I do have the stretch template selected because I like the looks of it, and I didn't realize how it was looking for other people.

But, I found a few backgrounds specifically made for stretch templates, so I can still have something that's not totally plain!